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Yacht windows

Wigo is among the world leaders in developing and producing ship windows, glass and frame constructions with more than 40 years' experience in supplying customized window solutions. The key elements in the business development philosophy are customer support, design, energy saving glass and safety. The ship windows can be supplied with all types of special glass and for all types of ships - from small work boats to ferries, cruise liners, commercial vessels, super yachts and yachts. The window frames are manufactured from a wide range of profiles in aluminium, steel or stainless steel and the constructions are according to all major international and national authorities and according to IS0 standards.

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Range normal and fire resistant

Some of our yacht window types are:

  • fixed yacht windows with retaining list or Glue-in type in one or multiple parts
  • curved yacht windows, 1-axe or free curve
  • skylights
  • poolwindow


Made of hot extruded steel or stainless steel profile. Glass list of stainless steel. Glass mounted in frame with special U-profile system which always stay flexible and minimize risk of corrosion. Fire rated windows and scuttles fulfilling IMO 754 (18) with CE approval module D, E and F.

  • steel or high tensile steel
  • stainless steel, in different qualities
  • aluminium alloy
  • solid brass


We purchase glass from the best European producers. Depending on customers needs these can be monolithic glasses standard thickness 8, 10, 12, 15 and 19 mm (maximum 25 mm), and special glasses.

  • single/monolitic thermical-or chemical toughened glass
  • clear or coloured, or coloured by tinted PVB-foil or coated glass
  • laminated toughened glass
  • insulated toughened glass
  • electrical heated toughened glass
  • bulletproof toughened glass
  • soundproof toughened glass
  • curved laminated toughened glass